A Smart Way to Protect Your Equipment

You've invested in quality equipment that is vital to your business-and service contracts represent a smart way to protect your investment. A fixed annual fee provides comprehensive service support on your equipment and creates many strong advantages in your business.

" I don't like surprises with my equipment...we have enough surprises in this business. Reliability is essential...if my equipment is running and everything's going smoothly, it's a good day."

Financial Advantage

Predictable service costs are a real plus-a fixed-line item in your budget. Greater peace of mind results when you're protected against potentially expensive equipment failures-we take that risk for you at Hobart. Protect yourself against potentially expensive equipment failures-lock in future service at current prices-and save money by processing fewer service invoices

Performance Advantage

Properly maintained equipment will last years longer and experience less downtime-leading to increased operator profits and enhanced productivity. Equipment tends to be much better maintained while under contract-minor repairs and basic preventive maintenance are performed before small problems have a chance to become large problems. Professional and timely equipment maintenance doesn't cost-it pays!

Service Advantage

And you get quality service from Hobart, widely regarded as the premier service organization in our industry.

What do you get with a standard Hobart service contract?

Service Contract Program

Fixed Cost

Achieve peace of mind with your repair budget:

Replacement Parts

All component parts are replaced as needed:

Service Labor

All service labor is provided by qualified technicians*:


All technician travel to the customer site is provided at no charge*:

Weigh/Wrap Contract Enhancement

Flexible Payment Terms

Hobart service contract customers have the option to pay in a single annual lump sum or in multiple installments for a slight administrative fee:

Customized Coverage Options

A contract can be tailored to your exact needs and priced based on the level of service provided-one machine or many-one location or many. Examples of coverage options include:

No one in the industry is as close to their customers.

We're within 50 miles of 95% of our customers. We have more offices-nearly 200-and more service technicians-1,700-than any other equipment manufacturer in the industry. We stock our Hobart service vans with $58 million in parts, so traditionally 85% of the time we can solve your problem on the first call. When we don't have a part in the van, we can typically overnight it from our National Parts Distribution Center, which houses 35,000 separate parts. And we're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is call.

For more information about our Contract Programs contact your local Hobart Service Office today or call 1-888-4HOBART (1-888-446-2278).

Note: Repairs resulting from equipment misuse and abuse will not be covered under contract.

* Per Hobart Service Contract Terms and Conditions.