Hobart Extended Warranty

Specify a Hobart Extended Warranty Contract at the time of your original equipment purchase and you will receive second-year service coverage. When your warranty expires, your extended warranty contract automatically kicks in-no lapse in coverage, guaranteed.

Service contract coverage creates many strong advantages in your business:

  • Financial-Lock in your service costs for a full year after your warranty expires, and protect yourself against potentially expensive equipment failures
  • Performance-Properly maintained equipment lasts years longer and experiences less downtime, which increases operator profits and enhances productivity. Preventive maintenance can be performed before small problems have a chance to become large problems.
  • Service-Hobart is widely regarded as the premier service organization in our industry

A standard Hobart extended warranty contract includes:

  • Post-warranty service coverage (1 year)
  • Fixed service cost
  • Replacement parts*
  • Service labor*
  • Travel*

Post-Warranty Service Coverage

Extend your warranty with guaranteed contract coverage:

  • A full year's coverage beyond warranty
  • Automatically kicks in when warranty expires
  • No lapse in coverage-guaranteed

Fixed service cost:

  • Assures fixed annual maintenance costs

Replacement parts:

  • Hobart contracts cover replacement parts*
  • Genuine factory parts ensure durability/performance
  • Computerized parts locator service available nationwide
  • Excludes accessories, attachments, and expendable items (See Hobart Service Terms and Conditions for details)

Service labor:

  • Provided by qualified technicians*
  • No charge during regular business hours
  • Overtime service at reduced rates
  • Expert staff of field engineers available


  • Technicians travel to the customer site at no charge* within 50 miles of the Hobart office and during regular business hours

Weigh/Wrap Contract Enhancement:

  • Saturday service from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (no charge)
Note: Repairs resulting from equipment misuse and abuse will not be covered under contract.

* Per Hobart Service Contract Terms and Conditions.