Filter harmful minerals out of your water to prolong the life of your Combi.


Cooking equipment provide a main source of revenue for foodservice operations. Unfiltered water contains chlorine, chloramines and other minerals that can cause harmful scale buildup and corrosion. Prevent untimely equipment downtime with the following water treatment units:

Hollow Carbon Filters

The disinfectant chloramine may be new to you, but it's not new to water treatment facilities. Some have been using it for 90 years. Monochloramine is 200 times less effective as a disinfectant than chlorine. Chloramines are organic compounds made of 80 percent chlorine and 20 percent ammonia. Today many municipalities across the country are using chloramines, in addition to chlorine, to disinfect their water. When chloramines are heated, they are especially corrosive, causing stainless steel to pit, rust and turn gray.

Chloramines also negatively impact flavor and cause stainless steel to pit, rust and turn gray. Hobart's new hollow carbon filter system (CB15K and CB30K) has been proven to be the most effective system for reducing chlorine and chloramine in water. It's one of the only NSF-approved chloramine removal filter systems on the market.

You can see (below) how damaging chloramines can be to your water-fed equipment, even eroding stainless steel components, reducing the life of your equipment.

WS-55 Series Compact Water Softener with the Hollow Carbon Filter

Hobart's new WS-55 Series Compact Water Softener with the Hollow Carbon Filter System is the industry's only water treatment solution that provides soft water and is NSF-Certified to reduce harmful chloramines. It features a unique design with specially activated carbon. As water flows through the filter, it remains in contact with the filter material longer, removing the chloramines, chlorine, sediment, bad tastes and odors and other chemical byproducts. In addition, the system creates a virtually scale-free environment as a result of the softener combined system.