Even a little scale is a big expense.


Hard water is especially hard on booster heaters, dish machines, steamers, proofers, combination ovens, and rack and deck ovens.

Any water-fed equipment that requires high temperatures creates a "scale-friendly" environment. High temperatures cause the hard minerals in water to demulsify, creating solid scale depositors. Scale acts as an insultor, potentially causing heating elements to fail.

Hobart twin-tank, non-electric water softeners are available in both compact and enterprise-wide modes. By virtually eliminating the scale buildup caused by the calcium and magnesium in hard water, Hobart water softeners increase both the life and the efficiency of your equipment.

Hobart Water
Treatment Product
Equipment Affected Product Benefits
All water-fed equipment Compact design (with casters) allows them to be moved to provide virtually scale-free water to any warewashing, cooking or beverage equipment.
Entire operation Provides soft water for your whole foodservice operation

The compact WS-C206 and WS-C208 water softeners are designed to fit easily in a kitchen. Offering high-flow rates-up to 16 gpm (gallons per minute)-both models have high-temperature compatibility. Casters allow you to move them easily anywhere in your operation. Although compact in size, their twin-tank design provides you with a continuous supply of soft water.

To soften the water for your entire operation, Hobart offers the WS-P213. It can allow a maximum flow of 40 gpm in a overdrive configuration, or you can have it configured for ultimate effluent quality for critical applications. This larger unit has quick-connect adapters for simple installation.