Water Treatment Solutions for Warewashing Applications

Scale prevention and corrosion control for booster heaters and dish machines.


Prolong the life of your warewasher by protecting its heating elements such as booster heaters from harmful corrosion. Depending on your water quality Hobart Service has the following water treatment units to protect your warewasher:


Providing scale prevention and chlorine corrosion control for booster heaters and dish machines, ScaleStick™ Extreme Systems are another superior water treatment solution from Hobart. Unlike standard phosphate blends, the HydroBlend™ technology is unaffected by high temperatures, which makes it ideal for booster heaters and dish machines. Like other Hobart water treatment cartridge housings, a quick glance indicates if a replacement is needed.


Any water-fed equipment that requires high temperatures creates a "scale-friendly" environment. High temperatures cause the hard minerals in water to demulsify, creating solid scale depositors. Scale acts as an insulator, potentially causing heating elements to fail or clogging of water lines starving equipment of needed water.

Hobart twin-tank, non-electric water softeners are available in both compact and enterprise-wide models. By virtually eliminating the scale buildup caused by the calcium and magnesium in hard water, Hobart water softeners increase both the life and efficency of your equipment.